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A scrutable and honest analysis of the AirBnb service.


This service analysis of AirBnb was conducted by researching online ethnographic studies and identifying underlying themes. These themes were then organised through an affinity diagram to gauge a scope of the recurring issues present. From this, an infographic summary and user timeline were generated, outlining the paint points experienced by AirBnb users.

Research analysis

The research process was exploratory in nature, creating a bottom-up approach. Firstly, raw online ethnographic studies were collected and then sorted into a table. They were then analysed into the categories of: Data Record of Complaint, Recorded Observations (i.e. insights into the customer, writing style, demographic .etc.), Interpretation of the Issue, Themes. In creating labels early on, insights are able to be sifted, organised and clustered more easily.

To gain a holistic understanding over the problem space, the reviews selected were analysed using an interactive coding scheme which encompassed multiple themes – to understand the complexity and relatedness of each issue.

Research Collation

A KJ Affinity diagram was then created to organise the previously labeled data. This showcased a hierarchy of issues which users experienced. From this affinity diagram, the final infographic and timeline were made, as seen below.