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Visual Art

Art Express Body of Work

Jiang, J. (2017). A Tale of Syncretism; Sustenance. Acrylic on canvas. Art Express 2018. Retrieved from Artexpress.

A Tale of Syncretism; Sustenance explores the convergence of the old and new, East and West. I was inspired by my Chinese heritage and how I feel disconnected from it, living within contemporary Australia. Within Chinese culture, fruits are used as temple offerings; peaches are auspicious for longevity and pomegranates have familial meaning. We are told ‘you are what you eat’ so my body of work uses food to explore traditional Eastern values that are overthrown by commercialised Western archetypes; a representation of my own life. My work serves as a rendering and reminder of my connection to my family and culture, particularly to my grandmother. Read more here

Acrylic Paintings

Watercolour Paintings